Number Tart Cake

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Number Tart Cake
Number Tart

Butter shortcrust with cream, shaped into a number (Not actual cake layers)
Choice of colour theme available.

Option for 2 layer or 3 layers (in pic is 3 layers)

Tart cakes are best had on the same day.

Each selection is for an individual number. Please check out twice if two numbers are required.

Buttercream cakes are best consumed at room temperature and will be hard when cold.

It may be stored at aircon temperature(18-22°C) for up to 4-6 hours.

If refrigerated, thaw (for 1-2 hours for small cakes or 2-3 hours for big cakes) before cutting / serving.

Once cut, best to keep in an airtight container, consume within 3 days.

  • $80.00

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